" Who I am ? "

Hello, I’m Afra. I’m 18 years old. On my family we are 4 girls and 4 boys and I’m the smallest girl. On my free time I always set with my mother or when have a problem because I feel so comfortable with her and I till her every thing. I set with my mother more than my father because my father traveling to much and he always busy at work. I live in Samha. I feel so comfortable on my home because I can do every thing there. On my family there are a traditional thing we do and the thing is on every Friday all my family must eat lunch together. I love setting with my family, talk and go out together. Also I like go out with friends,chating and my favorite hoppy is swimming. I’m really so excited to study on ZU because on my opinion I see it’s a great university and I’m lucky to study here. I was always dream to be a layer but now I change my idea and I want to study about HR. I’m so excited and I hope I will do good and get high marks




'' My unhealthy habits ''

I believe that I don’t have a healthy lifestyle. First, I don’t eat and drink healthy food. For example, I usually like to eat fast food. If I am outside, and I want to eat, I often go to MacDonald’s restaurant and take bigmac or mac chicken meal with a Pepsi, which is unhealthy because it make me fat, Also it can be cause for a disease like obesity, and heart disease. Second, I try to do physical exercise but I feel lazy to do it so I do not, and I just sit and watch TV, so this will make me fat. For example, I should do exercise at morning and when I go to sleep, because it’s very good for body. Also should eat fresh food reduce fast food. Third, I usually in school days I sleep at 10 or 11, but in summer I don’t sleep until the morning. I sit on the MSN, Facebook, Twitter, read some information or stories, and watch TV for 5 or 6 Am. I know that I must sleep early and wake early because this is more healthy for my body, also sleep early give us more energy. Finally, I believe that healthy food, sleep early, and do exercise is good for body, so I will try to do this things.


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'' My partner ''

My partner’s name is Noura. She is 18 years old, and she is from Abu Dhabi, in the UAE. She have 6 brothers and 3 sisters. Her number on her family is 8 she is on the middle. She lives with her mother. She have a strong relationship with her mother. She tell her everything happen to her. On her free time she like reads story, chatting with her friends and watch movies. When the teacher give us a break she like to set with her friends, eating and study. She is thinking to study business because after she study she can find a job on everywhere. She is like to work at the bank when she finish studying here because she see when she work at the bank she can help other people and help her country. She like everything in Abu Dhabi because it is the place that she born in and all her family here. Also because Abu Dhabi is the city of UAE. She want to learn English because it’s the first language on the world. Also to continue her university study.




" Stress UAE Students "

All students in university are suffering from stress. They have many things to do, classes, homework, exams and family, so they must be scheduled at times. Each students on university feel stress, because they want to get high marks is to make her parents and teacher happy. Some students do not have enough time to study at home, like the students who are married and have a children, because children need her, but she must complete her assignments. Secondly, the new students all stressed and nervous, because they were worry about enter their English language level, so they were studying for the TOEFL and this makes them a stress. Also the stress come because they have many changes in their live. For example, they will see new friends, new teachers and new systems. It is very difficult for them. Then it’s tell us how to cope all this academic stress by gives us examples, like becalm and study very well. Also be prepared, review for exam. To relive stress in general, students use a wide variety of approaches such as, reading stories, watching TV, etc. some students turn to nature to relive their stress. For example, going to the beach and listening to the waves. But sleeping and eating are popular choices for most students. Finally, target for all students is complete their education successful but also they want enjoy their years at university.

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" Wedding w Sharks "

Michael Curry and April Bignataro got married in a fish tank at the Atlantis marine park aquarium in New York June 7.2010. Using radio headsets, Michael and April exchanged vows with friends and family on Sunday. April joked by saying that it will begin as a traditional wedding, but will get a little weird. Her parents said she is a unique girl. For example, she wanted to be an auto mechanic when she was younger. The couple said they did not expect so much attention from the media. April said the most difficult part was convincing her mom.




" obesity "
Obesity is the biggest health problem. There are many people have overweight. There are many causes for obesity. At first, poor eating habits. Now a days people eat habits are changed from the past. The food that we eat now unhealthy food, but in the past they ate mostly fresh food. A lack of exercise is the second cause of obesity. The jobs in the past were very hard and people did physical work. But now jobs are more comfortable People now just sit in offices and do the work on computer for long time. All countries have obesity problem, for example, in China. Obesity problem is growing in Middle East. Obesity leads to many health problems like diabetes, heart disease and stroke. The UAE has the highest rates of diabetes. All people who are overweight and thin must think about diet and exercise. Unhealthy lifestyle are very expensive, so governments worry about it. People should usually eat healthy food.



'' The Healthy Habits of UAE University Teachers ''

There are some things a UAE university teacher can do to have a healthy life. First, a teacher should eat and drink healthy foods. For example, teachers can find some very nice fruits, vegetables, meats and fish at local supermarkets such as Carrefour. Teachers can cook these foods at home using non-saturated fats, which is healthier and does not cause disease like cancer, diabetes and heart disease. Furthermore, fresh food has more nutrients, good proteins, and less carbohydrates then fast food, which can cause obesity. Second, teachers should do exercise when they can. For instance, at least 2-3 times a week, they can walk, run or swim at the ` corniche `, go to a gym, or ride a bike. Third, to have a healthy life, teachers should try not to have too much stress, which is bad for the immune system, hair, skin, sleep and concentration. Teachers can do things like reading watching television listening to music and meditation, which is good for breathing and makes you feel better. For instance, l like to go out with my friends on the weekends, and we go to fun places. This helps take away pressure, and it helps me to get a better attitude. Finally, eating fresh food, exercising and avoiding stress can help UAE teachers to have a healthy life.



'' Fast food ''



Begining of life

In my opinion , I believe that God created everything in the universe. First of all , God created everything in 6 days such as the earth , paradise and hell. After that God created Adam from clay and then created Eve from Adam’s rib. When God created them to make them live in paradise , and god said to the angels “ prostrate yourselves to Adam”. They prostrated themselves except the devil. After that , God asked him , “ why did you not prostrate to Adam? “.He said , “ how do you want me to prostrate to whom you created from clay , while you created me from fire? “ God said , “ so rappel to the ground “ , The devil said “ I will seduce the sons of Adam “ . Then God allowed Adam And Eve to eat fruit from any trees they want except one special tree , Adam And his wife heard the word of God , but the devil whispered them ,”do you want me to tell you about a tree gives you a king and eternity ? “ , Adam started thinking what if you eat it ? , Is it really the tree of eternity ? Days passed , and Adam forgot what God said . Then Adam And Eve went to the tree and ate it. When they ate from it they became naked. Then they cut the tree leaves to cover their bodies. God said to them, “ rappel to the ground and live in it. “ From here begins life on earth.



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She start love motorbike when she was kid and see her father ride one. Also her boy friend has one, but she always sit on the back. She read a book about motorbike. After that she know about how can she ride a motorbike and she feel it’s interesting because she can smell flowers, trees and feel free.





Describe what you did this weekend.

I had much fun this weekend. First, I wake up at 8:30, and then I brushed my teeth. After that I went down and sit with my parents. We ate breakfast. After that my uncle and my grandfather came and eat lunch with us. In the afternoon my sister said to me lets go to nails saloon, so we went to saloon, and I saw my friend Shamma, and we sit and talk. Later when I came back to home my sister said that her friend on the living room, so I took a shower and change my clothes, then I but some make up. When I went to living room I feel they are so quiet, but when I open the door they all start sing ‘’ Happy birth day to you ’’. I feel shy and I want to cry, but I just stand and watch all my friend. After that, we had a nice a nice time together. We dance, ate and took photo to remember this moment in whole my life. I’m really so happy and thanks gad that I have friends like them.


high school

I believe that, I had a lot of fun in high school. First of all, when the school began I thought that will be a sad year because it was the last year that I will see my friend every morning and sit with thim. We had a lot of fun in high school, Also, we had some troubles with new curriculum. We always put pressure on ourselves to get high mark. One day the school took us to trip to the HCT on Abu Dhabi. When we were in the bus the teacher of Geography said to us that she will get married, so we were happy for here, ad we sang the married song. Second, I joined to basketball and football team. When I went to any much l always took my friends with me because l always feel they tell me things gave me power. At school me and my friend Smia had many troubles and joked so one of teachers called us Tom&Jerry. Sure I’m Jerry because I’m shorter than her. Finally, on the final exam last day every one cried but I didn’t because I was always told the truth friend didn’t forget others even if they were away from each others.