My name is alanood adeeb and I’m 17 years old .I am from UAE , Abu Dhabi to specific , and UAE is in the Asian side .

I came from a caring family that take care of me and they are so lovely which am proud that
am a member from this family . Moreover we are a Muslim family .
And my family are six members 2 brothers and 1 sister plus my mother and father and me .
So now I’m going to talk more about myself , in the beginning I studied
in almanhal school which is in almushref street and I graduated from almanahl school .
And now as I’m done from the secondary school which I deeply miss and church I’m going to
complete my studies here in Zayed University in the human resources field and I hope that
I will be a successful person in this field .


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A Growing Problem

The text talks about growing problems such as : cancer , heart disease and malaria , and the most dangers
disease in the world is obesity .
Obesity comes from bad Habits like eating junk food that contains artificial additives , and nowadays
people don’t eat like people in the past , and may lead them to many diseases .
Today people don’t do exercise because of their busy life , and the statistic shows that 70% people n the
world use cars and the most countries in Asia have more overweight people , and as the text says ‘’ Governments worry
about health care costs of unhealthy life style .


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Plastic Bottle

A man named Richie Sowa quit his job as a carpenter and sold all of his things , so that he could create his own
island paradise . Richie built his island , which floats on plastic bottles , in Mexico . It took him almost three
years to find enough bottles , which he made by using fishing nets , then he got a lot of sand from a nearby
beach and put it on top to create a foundation . He grows plants , fruits and vegetables on the island
, such as bananas , coconuts , spinach , almonds and tomatoes . He has a bathroom , a solar cooker , and even
a washing machine ! he lives on the island with his two cats , a little puppy , chickens and a duck .
The Mexican government likes his idea so much that they made his island a part of Mexico .
His goal is to one day sail his island around the world !

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stress .. UAE students

All the students in the university are suffering of stress problems .
‘’ This is also the cause for university students in the UAE .
The main reason of the students pressure is the grades ,
in addition doing assignments , projects home works and exams may
cause high pressure which can make them stress and worry .
The students in the UAE feels worry about them English language
because before entering the university they should determine
their levels and they not sure about the results .
Its difficult for the new students to get used to the university
because every is different like friends , teacher , and the learning method .
To overcome the academic stress problem we should use
different method . For example , teacher help , work together , talking with friends and family in English


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Unhealthy Life style

I believe that I do not have a healthy life style . First of all , I do not eat and drink healthy food .
For example , I usually eat junk food like KFC , Burger King , Pizza Hut . Also , I do not love eating
home meals because they are not as tasty as fast food . In addition , I hate eating vegetables .
I think that I did not eat vegetables since I was 6 or 7 years old because I hate the taste of them .
Second of all , I do not play sports , and I even do not do exercises because we live in a modern life
that contains a lot of entertaining technology such as laptops , PlayStation and Mobile phones .
This is unhealthy because it may increase the rate of obesity , and that may cause cholesterol and
increase the blood pressure . That is why we should do some exercises to move the blood circulation .
Third of all , I sleep every day 5 or 6 hours every night. However , it is too difficult to woke up in the
morning because I did not get enough sleep , which it makes me very tired , and I can’t focus in studying .
Finally , I try to enjoy my life to the maximum without caring about my health .


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Wedding with sharks

MICHEAL curry and APRIL pignotaro got married in a fish tank the Atlantis
marine park aquarium in New York on June 7,2010 ,using radio headset MICHEAL
and APRIL exchanged vows with friends and family on Sunday . April joked by saying
that it will begin as a traditional wedding ,but will get a little weird he parents said is a
unique girl for example, she was younger . the couple said they did not expect so much
attention from the media. APRIL said most difficult part was convincing her mom.


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The Healthy Habits of UAE University Teachers

There are some things a UAE university teacher can do to have a healthy life.
First, a teacher should eat and drink healthy foods. For example, teachers can
find some very nice fruits, vegetables, meats and fish at local supermarkets such
as Carrefour. Teachers can cook these foods at home using non-saturated fats,
which is healthier and does not cause disease like cancer, diabetes and heart
disease. Furthermore, fresh food has more nutrients, good proteins, and less
carbohydrates then fast food, which can cause obesity. Second, teachers should
do exercise when they can. For instance, at least 2-3 times a week, they can walk,
run or swim at the ` corniche `, go to a gym, or ride a bike. Third, to have a healthy
life, teachers should try not to have too much stress, which is bad for the immune
system, hair, skin, sleep and concentration. Teachers can do things like reading
watching television listening to music and meditation, which is good for breathing
and makes you feel better. For instance, l like to go out with my friends on the weekends,
and we go to fun places. This helps take away pressure, and it helps me to get a better
attitude. Finally, eating fresh food, exercising and avoiding stress can help UAE teachers
to have a healthy life.

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About My Friend

My partner name is Aisha Hassan . She is 17 years old and she is from UAE , Abu Dhabi to be specific
she is from a big family that contain 8 members , 4 brothers and one sister plus the mother and the
father and Aisha . she mostly like to spend her leisure time by talking to friends and watching TV
and sometimes shopping . And in the break she just set with her friends having dinner . And she
studies at ZU she is hopping to complete her levels in less time and she want to study levels because
she wants to talk way better in English and in a feasibility way because she is hoping to be an IT engineer
and that English may help her a lot in her future to deal with people and she wants to enter IT field
because she likes computers . Also the most things she like about Abu Dhabi malls and the beach .
and she thinks learning English is good for her to be more knowledgably.

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The beginning of the universe

The universe formed from a Big Bang as scientist say , it was created billion years ago .
First of all , the universe was once in an extremely hot and dense state then a strange
state has occurred namely rapid expansion caused the universe to cool and resulted
expansion caused the universe to cool and resulted galaxies , planets and stars . Second of all ,scientists
say that there is a life in other planets but I don’t believe that we can
live in other planets because we need gravity and atmosphere , to be specific the presence
of water in other planets does not mean our ability to live there . Third of all , God gave us
everything on the earth so why we go to other planets and search for other
planet to live , we must only be thankful for everything God gave us. Finally , Adam and Eve were the first
human on the earth and then the people increased generation after generation , human in the past
were different than us they were taller and bigger because of the environment .


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It is the first book of the Twilight series , and introduces a girl that is seventeen years
old Isabella " Bella " who moves from Phoenix , Arizona to Forks, Washington , and
finds her life in danger when she falls in love with a vampire, Edward Cullen .
Bella gets a new car from her father who had bought it from his friend Billy Back .
Bella starts at forks high school where she meets Edward cullen , suddenly a boy has
lost control of his car ,and the car was going to crach Billa then Edward stoped the car with one
hand so billa wanted an explanation how did he do it ? , Edward said “ I saved your life that’s it “
then bella started dreaming about Edward the next week Edward asked
bella to go with him to a dance on Saturday . After a few weeks of knowing Edward Bella discovered
that Edward is a vampire because he is strong , fast , cold , his eyes are
changing colors and he never drink or eat anything . In the end she fell in love with him.

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1.7 :-
she started to like the motorbike from her father when she was a kid, then when she became a teenager she went with her
boyfriend on his motor bike and she always sits in the back. Moreover, she wanted to learn
a new skills ,so she started having lesson then she passed the test but
she still need to get a lot more experience she said that she like riding a bike
because she feel free but she don’t use the motor bike in town center
because it’s dangerous there is to many cars.


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1.11 :-
- Luis is twenty nine , his not only a student but also a worker in the same time he is an archaeologist . Moreover , he will not stop
studying when he finish doctorate .

- Pierre did not like school much , and he left the school when he was eighteen , but after twenty years later he got into the school of art and design in Limoges because he loved art .

- Margaret is a student at the university of the U3A they call it U3A because this university is for people over fifty they do meetings and talks in the members’ homes , and she joined it because she was not happy after she retired cause she had a lot of free time , and she studied things
she did not study before such as history , Spanish and music .

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1.15 :-

Lauren has an interview to get a work , she done a lot of things Sales , administration and worked in a restaurant , so she is looking for a work in any of those . In addition , she have got a certificate in food safety for catering . Its level two because she worked in Café concerto last summer . Moreover , she have experience in working with Word and Excel plus she have driving license and she talks French and Spanish and she is more good in working in a team .

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1.16 :-

Yusuf karim call CSP to talk with Lisa Moore about Lauran Gordon but because she was her manager , but she was not available she was in a meeting so he put a message with Clare that he want to ask Lisa about what was she like as an employee .
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1.21 :-

Bryan took Lynn out to have a dinner because it was
her birthday , but he doesn’t know which restaurant she wants
to go , so he gave Lynn three choices and she choose the Bridge
because it’s not too far and they can set outside and they have vegetarian food .

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Lynn and Bryan was ready to order , so when the waiter came Lynn ordered a mushroom soup and pasta , but Bryan ordered cheese salad and steak with some water .
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1.26 :-

Eren and Manuel organized a barbecue then they thought that not all the people eat meat some
are vegetarian , so they brought another burned to cook mushrooms and things like that and in the
first burner they cook meat and sausages separated


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1.28 :-

Carlos says that during the dinner time all the family gathers around
the table , and eat while they are talking , but in the morning every one eats breakfast in a different time .

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1.32 :-

1 – Nicola rode a taxi , because she wanted to go to the Park Inn and it’s the second time
she came to Canada , so when she arrived she gave the man his money thirty five dollars .

2 – Dan rode a taxi to the Royal Bank . Then she asked him if he can wait for five minutes , because she wanted to bring some papers .Then she came back again and the taxi drove all the way to the airport she was going in a business trip , so she gave him his money thirty fivedollars and 75 cents and she took a receipt .

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1.35 :-
Once there was a man who is wearing a suit and tie and talking on his phone walking . Suddenly , the sun went I and it started raining heavily he ran quickly to the taxi and shut the door but he did not notice that while he was running a ten dollar bill fell from his pocket .
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Firstly , I woke up at 2 PM , and then I took a shower and brushed my teeth . Next , I sat with my family while my mother was making breakfast for us . We all sat around the table to eat . Secondly , we gathered in one room to discuss what our plans for today and at the end we all decided to go to Dubai mall in Dubai . Then my father drove all the way to Dubai . When we arrived to Dubai first thing we did is eating lunch , because we were so hungry , and it was 5 PM after that we sat in a coffee shop , we ordered some cake and some hot drinks such as hot chocolate , coffee , etc. . Thirdly , we took a tour around the mall , and we did some shopping for 3 hours , and it was fun , but we were so tired because the mall is so big . Finally , we went to the games inside the , mall and we played . Then we had dinner at 11 PM at the end we were all tired , so we came back to Abu Dhabi .


High school

When I was in the high school I had a lot of fun . Firstly , I was very crazy , active and talkative . Even the teachers hated the way I talk in the class . Besides , I was kind of a nerd I liked studying some subjects such as geology and biology . Those were the subjects that falls in my hobby list . Secondly , our teachers in my school were young , so we were very close to the teachers . We even went out with the teachers once , and they were cooperative with us in every thing . For example , they increase our marks if we were in need for some grades , and they gave us second chances . Thirdly , I had a friend . Her name is razan . she was my soul mate , and I really miss her I wish that she could study in ZU . Sometimes I go out with her , but in the main time we cannot because she is busy with her university , and me also . In addition , I was a class leader . I was the responsible for everything , and that was fun sometimes and in the same time bad . Finally , I deeply miss the school days , because being in a school is more fun than being in a university .



him there


My Brother Life

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