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A bout me

My name is Alyazi ,I am 17 years old ,I am from Abu Dhabi .my favorite color is yellow I adore it ,I always dream about my yellow world . I chose study in Zu because I think that I will be good in English all know in Zu we have good teacher so that will help us to have many experience from them .
Moreover I believe that family is important in our life , I have 4 sisters and 1 brother . my family always help me and give me advise about life . I want my parents be proud .
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Obesity is the biggest health problem in the world .It means when person weighs too much .There are many causes of obesity ,but one of them is eat unhealthy food , because it haves a lot of sugar and oil . Another cause is a lock of exercise , because nowadays people use cars and don’t walk very much. Asia ,china and Japan have a more overweight people , because they have a problem in food . Obesity effects our body such as diabetes , heart diseases and stroke .In the U.A.E we have the highest rate of diabetes .Governments worry about healthcare so , we need to change our habits.


wedding with sharks

Michale Curry and Apirl pignataro in a fish tank at the Atlantis Marine park Aquarium in the new York on June 7 .2010 . Using radio headsets , Michale and Apirl exchanged vows with friends and family on Sunday . Apirl joked by saying that it will get as a traditional wedding , but will get a little weird .Her parents said she is unique girl .For example ,she was to be an auto mechanic when when she was younger .The couple said they did not expect so much attention from the media . April said the most difficult part was convincing her mom

Stress\UAE student

Each university have many different to do , so that make students fell stress ,but sometimes they don’t have time to do all things together like , homework’s ,project and family responsibilities .

We have many cause of stress , some students think it’s get high grades ,because they want all be happy and proud .second thing they worry about English level , also the new student feel difference change between university and high school.

We have many method to cope the stress like work with group , believe yourself.

The goal for all is complete is studies always smile and feel optimistic.


My an healthy habits
I believe that I don’t have a healthy lifestyle . First ,I do not eat health food . For example , I usually eat fast food in university , and I drink a lot of soft drinks , so that I don’t have healthy habit , because this food has a lot of oil and sugar and can cause obesity and diabetes . Second , I don’t like to do any exercise and walk. For instance , I think to sit and watch TV and eat same candy , so this keeps me lazy and fat, which is bad because our bones need exercise to be strong . Also , I should not eat a lot of sugar and oil , that will make me overweight and obese.
Third , we must sleep at least 7 to 8 hours every night , but I don’t sleep in night , because sometimes I do my homework or watch TV .This is a bad thing, because in the morning I feel so tired and I need more sleep .Finally, I try to have a healthy life and do many exercise and sleep at night and work inthe morning.

begining of life
I believe that the beginning of life was because big bang. Then the
galaxies, planets and stars has been created. Our god created the
Earth in six days. Then life started her, so I believe that is no life in
other planets because there is no gravitation, atmosphere and water.
Scientist could not know the age of earth because there are a lot of
effects has been disappearance .All what we know a few things about
life in the earth such as: dinosaurs , disintegration of continents and
extinction same types of animals .Human started when god creation
Adam and his wife Eve. The human body was so difference from now.
They was taller and bigger than now because the environmental factors.


She start love motorbike when she was kid and see her father ride one. Also her boy friend has one, but she always sit on the back. She read a book about motorbike. After that she know about how can she ride a motorbike and she feel it’s interesting because she can smell flowers, trees and feel free.

1- Luis is twenty – nine. He is work as an archaeologist in the Central Amazon
and he also student. He study a doctorate in archaeology. The studying is the
way of life for him.

2- Pierre didn’t like school because he hate same subjects like math and science.

He left school when he was eighteen. He were interesting in art, so he decided to

do a degree in art. He went to school of art and design in Limoges. It’s was a

great experience because he studying same thing he really want to study.

1.15 :-
Lauren has an interview to get a work , she done a lot of things Sales , administration and worked in a restaurant , so she is looking for a work in any of those . In addition , she have got a certificate in food safety for catering . Its level two because she worked in Café concerto last summer . Moreover , she have experience in working with Word and Excel plus she have driving license and she talks French and Spanish and she is more good in working in a team .


1.21 :-

Its chat between Lynn and Bryan about choice place for food ,because its Lynn birthday and they choice the bridge.


1.26 :-

Eren and Manuel organized a barbecue then they thought that not all the people eat meat some

are vegetarian , so they brought another burned to cook mushrooms and things like that and in the

first burner they cook meat and sausages separated.


Matt and Carlos both talked about thier family eating habit and how
they gather and what they say on the food table .


Tony is a taxi driver who picked Nicola and drive her to the Park Inn than
he picked Dan to the Royal bank and wait him for 5 minutes then drove him
to the airport.


Astrid, when she was learning French, she knew a few words, so
she stared reading children’s books to help herself.
Tom, when he was learning German, he used to change the
language of his computer games. He was learning and
playing on the same time.
Masha, when she learn a foreign language, she like watching
DVD’s with subtitles to help herself, and she used the dictionary
to see what the means of same words.


Valérie owns a couple of restaurants in Montreal , and she lives there , but she came to Vancouver to visit her friends every 3 or 4 months .

My life in high school

I had a lot of fun in high school. First, I had many good friend, my best friend

Balqees was with me in same class. That helped us to sit together and helped each other.

Second, I had a good teacher. They always helped if we had any problem, and they taught us how we can love the subjects and improve our skills, specially ms.sumaya, she had a lot of method to help us to be a positive girls with strong personality.

Third, we went to many trypsin school. In each week that took us to another school or university to understood the university life and what we will meet in our new life after high school. For example one day they took to university , and they told us about university and what we will study, also how we can chose the best university for us.

Finally, I really missed this day, because I had a lot of fun.


My Holiday

I had a really nice holiday in Malaysia . First of all , it was so relaxing .For example , ever morning we sat on the beach inside the hotel .After that we ate breakfast in a big park in the hotel. We can smell flowers and trees .Also I felt relax because there is less traffic than UAE .We don�t usually use a car .We walked in street .That was amazing .We could see everything and enjoy nature.
Second, I doer every place in Malaysia .They have many interesting places like , twines tower ,which are two towers behind us. Moreover , I liked playing games they have a large aria with many games .
They have large malls with different shops , so I went shopping and bought many clothes . It is cheaper than our shops .Third, It was a useful holiday because I saw and learn new cultures .for example, on Friday they went to work and school until 11:00 clock .After that everyone goes mosque pray and then back to work.
Finally ,I advise everyone visit Malaysia you will have a great time .It was fantastic holiday .

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