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My name is Ameena Sheikh ALAmeri,and this a first year at Zayed university. I am 17 years old, I have 3 sisters and 4 brothers and me. We all live with my parents in Abu Dhabi in BaniYas. My favorites hobbies are swimming, horseback riding, and use my computer and view TV. My favorites foods are pizza and sweets. One of the best books I like to read are the stories, novels and adventures. When I have free time I go shopping and visiting my cousins. In the future I hope to become a social worker in school.


Wedding with sharks

Micheal Curry and Abril Pignatarn got married in a fish tank at the Atlantis Marine park Aquarium in New York 2/7/2010. Using radio headset Micheal and Abril exchanged vows with friend and family in Sunday. Abril joked by saying that it will begin a tradition wedding, but will get a little weard. Her parents said she is a unigue girl. For example, she wantedto be and auto mechanic when she was younger. The cauple said they did not expect so much attention from the media. Abril said the must difficult was convincing her mom.



A Growing Problem

In the world we have a biggest health problem, we have many cause of obesity . “ The first cause is poor eating habits”. The second cause is people in these days eat a lot of fast food, not fresh food. Compared to past and don’t made exercise. In China and Japan people are more and move overweight some studies say that. Diabetes is an example of a health problem. The highest diabetes rate in the world is in the UAE.
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Stress for UAE Students

Students in the university are suffering of stress problem, also this is the cause for university students in the UAE. The main reason of the students pressure is the grades such as assignments, projects, homework and exams. In addition this is cause a lot of pressure .The students in the UAE feels worry about their English language because before intering they university they should take determine them level , and their not sure about their results. Difficult for new student to get used to the university because every things is different like friend, teacher and learning methods. The new students use different methods to cope the academic stress, you should working with the students and ask the teacher. Students use a many thing such as reading stories , watching television and listening to music when they have problems.


Plastic bottle island

Aman named RICHIE sowa quit his jop as a carpenter and sold all of this things RICHIE, so that he could create his own island paradise. RICHIE built his island, which floats on plastic-bottle, in Mexico. It took him almost three years to find enough bottle, which he made by using fishing nets. Than he got a lot of sand from nearby beach and put it on top to create a foundation. He grows plants, fruits and vegetable. On the island, such as bananas, cocounts, spinach, almonots and tomatos. He has a bathrooms, a solar cooker, and even a washing machine! He lives on island with his two cats , little puppy, chickens and duck. The Maxican government like his idea so much that they made his island a part of Maxico. His goal is one day sail his island around the world!


My Heath Habits

I believe that I do not have a healthy lifestyle . First , I do not eat and drink healthy food . For example , I usually eat fast food such as hamburgers and drink soft drink , and I rarely drink milk and eat fruits and vegetables , which is not good because they contain High-calories and are not good for our body. Second , I will try to do physical exercise every day . For example , I do exercise to reduce my weight in order to avoid the causes of certain diseases such as heart disease and obesity . Third , I will try to sleep early by at least 10 pm every night . However , when I sleep too late , I wake up too late , which results in exercise that do not work on a regular basis. Finally , I try to eat healthy food , do exercise and sleep early to wake up early .

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The Beginning of the life

I think that was the beginning of life 4 billion years ago, God created the sky from the smoke in six days and the earth, then God created the jinn and demons from Hell. And then God created Adam, the father of mankind. And after the creation of Adam God created Eve from the rib of entertainment. And then landed to the ground of human life began on Earth.
At the beginning of human life were different, where they were tallest and biggest than now.

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It was the end, but
I think that the most dangerous things that can occur when a person stands on the railroad tracks of the train, because it can happen to him like what happened to this person, the train that almost killed him, but he miraculously survived.


High School life

In High School life, I had a lot of fun, and it was special days for me. First, I had many friends who are kind, nice, polite and many things, so I love them. Second I had many kinds teachers, who re-explained lesson many times to understand the lesson, and they were sat and talked with us, and when anyone had a problem, she tried to solve her problem. Third, the project was difficult thing in high school, because I hated, but how it is normal I think that. Another thing when we had a trip, that is a nice moment, because we went with my friends and teacher and spend the best time.

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First, I woke up at 10 o'clock , then I took a shower and brush my teeth, and I went to eat my breakfast with my family. After we eat breakfast, my family met and gathered and everyone spoke about what happened in the week. Next, I watched TV on Friday prayer until finished, I went to pray. After that, I went to the kitchen to prepare lunch and I ate it with my family. At night, I sat with my laptop to do my homework until 11 pm , then I went to slept. Second, in Saturday when ate a breakfast, my mother told me we will go to visit my aunt and enjoyed with her. After that when we came back from my aunt's house, I went prepare my things, for tomorrow and I went to slept early.

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1.7 She like riding a motorbike, when she was a teenager she got into it and she wanted to ride the bike not sit on back. She like going fast because she feel free and wherever she want go at any time.

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1. Luis is twenty nine years old, she work in an archaeologist in the rainforest in the Central Amazon. She doing a doctorate in archaeologist , and she think an archaeologist is a way of life for him.

2. Pierre didn't like school much , especially subjects at school such as maths and science. But he interested in art . He left school when he was eighteen . After that he decided he wanted to do a degree in art , to got into the school of Art and Design in Limoges.

3. Margaret she is student at the University of the Third Age (U3A) it's means anyone over fifty years old can you join. She retired three years ago, she had a lot of free time , after that she read something about the U3A , she decided to join in the U3A. She done course in music, local history and Spanish.

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Lauren want to work in a big company do not smaller , so she brought a copy of your CV She start worked with catering last summer. As for administration in a computer she have experience working with Word and Excel. And she speak a little French and Spanish. She like to work with group and she is good at talking to people.

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Yusuf Karim of the job agency, Findajob, contact the CSP to ask about the ex CSP employee Lauren Gordon, but the director of the company at a meeting, he left her a message including name, mobile number and email.

Bryan take a Lynn, with them a guide to three looks, Bopha Devi، Abla's and a Bridge. Lynn went to the Bopha Devi recently, Abla's have a very good food, but it's a long way, and the bridge do vegetarian food, in the end they decided to go to the bridge because it's a birthday for Lynn.

Manuel , Eren, Sarah, and Susanne they talk about how we organized a barbecues. Eren said: barbecues can be tricky . And every one from them ,says Suggestions for barbecues party.

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Matt and Carlos, Talking about things they do in one day, for example, Matt said that when they gather members of his family to eat each and every one speaks for itself and what happened to him and many things. As for Carlos when they have guests they are preparing a buffet and each one wants and chooses to take it to the main table and talk about different things.

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Tony drives a man Taxi, he met many people when they boarded the taxi. One of these people. Nicolas is not the first time in Canada came with her ​​parents about fifteen years ago, but do not remember much.
The second person is Dan, he asked the driver to go to the bank to get some papers, and in going to the airport , domestic terminal, because he has a meeting in Calgary.

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Osman, he was travelling to the USA on business and he got a plane from Germany Suddenly, big guy with a huge beard and sunglasses and wearing black biker jacket. His name was Bernd, he's a top manager for company in Germany.
Annie, she went to Montpellier one or two years ago, she was looking for a restaurant to eat on her own, so she sat a table for two in outside. Then one point a man arrived and there was only one table for five available, so he asked her if he could sit at with her. After that they started chatting. He was from Switzerland and he was studying French, in Montpellier. And she met the man several times when she was in Montpellier.

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Valerie came to Vancouver to meet your old friend, she was in same university, and she is visit every three or four months, she like to live in Montreal, and she have small business in Montreal.

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Megan say when you go over to someone's house for dinner in Canada, you should do some things. For example, you should bring with you a gift such as flowers. And when you got to the house take your shoes off and don't wear your shoes inside.
But Yukio say, when you go to a Japanese hot spring, women go to the women's area, as well as men. First, you go into the washing room. After that you can get into the hot spring. The spring should be quite place where people can just relax.

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Jeevan say, the summer months in India be quite dangerous, it's so hot you should drink a lot from liquid. On summer afternoons in Kolkata, the street are empty because it's too hot to go out. Every people use air conditioning, but it's expensive, so they drinks like mango panna are really popular.

But Vasily he live in Moscow say, our winters about November to March and we get quite a lot of snow, In Siberia it's cold enough. Everyone has to carry an emergency kit in the car , so if the car stops you'll be OK. These days a lot of young people go to much hotter countries like Egypt and Turkey.

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