Who I am


A Growing Problem

Obesity is not only very common, but also among the most neglected health problems in the world
There are several causes for obesity including fast-food restaurants and lacke of exercise
And obesity can eventually lead to other health issues, such as diabetes and heart diseases
there is some solution exist to combat obesity include exercise programs, eating healthy food

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Wedding with Sharks:

Michael Curry and April Pignataro got married in a fish tank at the
Atlantis Marine Park Aquarium in New York on June 7.2010. Using
radio headset, Michael and April exchange vows with friends and family
on Sunday. April joked by saying that it will begin as traditional wedding,
but will get a little weird. Her parents said she is a unique girl. For example,
she wanted to be an auto mechanic when she was younger. The couple said
they did not expect so much attention from the media. April said the most
difficult part was convincing her mom.

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The Healthy Habits of UAE University Teachers

There are some things a UAE university teacher can do to have a healthy life.
First, a teacher should eat and drink healthy foods. For example, teachers can
find some very nice fruits, vegetables, meats and fish at local supermarkets such
as Carrefour. Teachers can cook these foods at home using non-saturated fats,
which is healthier and does not cause disease like cancer, diabetes and heart
disease. Furthermore, fresh food has more nutrients, good proteins, and less
carbohydrates then fast food, which can cause obesity. Second, teachers should
do exercise when they can. For instance, at least 2-3 times a week, they can walk,
run or swim at the ` corniche `, go to a gym, or ride a bike. Third, to have a healthy
life, teachers should try not to have too much stress, which is bad for the immune
system, hair, skin, sleep and concentration. Teachers can do things like reading
watching television listening to music and meditation, which is good for breathing
and makes you feel better. For instance, l like to go out with my friends on the weekends,
and we go to fun places. This helps take away pressure, and it helps me to get a better
attitude. Finally, eating fresh food, exercising and avoiding stress can help UAE teachers
to have a healthy life.



Liwa dates festival

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My healthy habits

A healthy life style sounds attractive to me, and I strongly believe that I have a healthy life style.
First, I always eat good healthy food by increasing fruits, vegetables.
I also drink water and milk every day and that keeps me active all the time, and I never feel tired.
Second, I do exercise one hour each day because exercise burn calories, and that makes me lose some weight.
I also go to Al Raha beach in the weekend to get some tan because I hear that the sun is important to our body.
Third, we all know that sleep is vital in leading a healthy life style, so I try to sleep 8 or 9 hours because less sleep can make me fat.
Finally, I do my best to have a simple healthy life.


Begining of life

In my opinion , I believe that God created everything in the universe. First of all , God created everything in 6 days such as the earth ,

paradise and hell. After that God created Adam from clay and then created Eve from Adam’s rib.

When God created them to make them live in paradise , and god said to the angels “ prostrate yourselves to Adam”.

They prostrated themselves except the devil. After that , God asked him , “ why did you not prostrate to Adam? “.He said ,

“ how do you want me to prostrate to whom you created from clay , while you created me from fire? “ God said , “

so rappel to the ground “ , The devil said “ I will seduce the sons of Adam “ .

Then God allowed Adam And Eve to eat fruit from any trees they want except one special tree ,

Adam And his wife heard the word of God , but the devil whispered them ,”do you want me to tell you about a tree gives you a king and eternity ? “ ,

Adam started thinking what if you eat it ? , Is it really the tree of eternity ? Days passed , and Adam forgot what God said .

Then Adam And Eve went to the tree and ate it. When they ate from it they became naked.

Then they cut the tree leaves to cover their bodies. God said to them, “ rappel to the ground and live in it. “ From here begins life on earth.






1- She start love motorbike when she see her father and her boyfriend ride one.
But she always sit on the back She wanna try to ride one. She read a book about motorbike.
After that she know how can she ride a motorbike and she feel it’s interesting
because she can smell flowers, trees and feel free.


1- Luis is twenty – nine. He is work as an archaeologist in the Central Amazon
and he also student. He study a doctorate in archaeology. The studying is the
way of life for him.

2- Pierre did not like school much , and he left the school when he was eighteen ,
but after twenty years later he got into the school of art and design in Limoges because he loved art .

3. Margaret , student in U3A ( the third age) mean it’s for people over fifty can join,
it's not a typical university , he join to this university because he have a lot of free
Time , there are many interesting things like music , Spanish and history , in the last

week he signed up for it.


Lauren has an interview to get a work , she done a lot of things Sales ,

administration and worked in a restaurant , so she is looking for a

work in any of those . In addition , she have got a certificate in food

safety for catering . Its level two because she worked in Café concerto

last summer . Moreover , she have experience in working with Word

and Excel plus she have driving license and she talks French and

Spanish and she is more good in working in a team .

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Yusuf Karim of the job agency, Findajob, contact the CSP to ask about the ex CSP employee Lauren Gordon,
but the director of the company at a meeting, he left her a message including name, mobile number and email.
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Today is the day of birth and the choice between 3 options,
according to her friend first of them was a Poya Devi and the second is to Abla,
but very remote and the third bridge was calling on a friend to a restaurant and book a table of 7 and a half.

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Manuel and Eren want organize a barbecue ,and there are a problem because not all people like meat

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The story about the man how drive taxi and there are a lot of people that he meet him in his taxi, then they chat for a few minutes.
The first of was a woman and she was a new in Canada.
She came before with her parents, but she can’t remember much.
The second one was when he want go to the bank for same papers, and thin he went to airport, domestic terminal,
because he have same meeting in Calgary.

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Osman, he was travelling to the USA on business. He was sitting
into Business Class. There was a really big guy with sunglasses,
he was wearing a black biker jacket. He looked kind of scary.
He set Down next to Osman, and he introduced himself. Then they had a
little chat, he was a nice guy. Then, recently Osman was in Germany,
and he turned on the television. He saw the same guy, he is the
manager of the clothes company.
Annie, she went to Montpellier two years ago. She was looking for a
restaurant to eat on her own. She set outside, because it was a nice
weather. Then there is a man arrived and there was only one table for
five available, and he ask her if he can join to her. Then they have a
chat, he is from Switzerland and he was studying French, so she stared
teach him a bit. They become just pen friends, because she have a
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Astrid,Tom and Marsh were interested of learning foreign language so they use
many method to learn several languages .

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Valerie, came to Vancouver to meet some friends of her, there
were the university together. She is visit every three or four month,
she like live in Montreal, and she have a small business.

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