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Hi my name is Fatima, I’m 18 years old . I like many colors like blue, red, black .Moreover my hobbies is riding horse and reading stories. I graduated from Aisha school and now I’m studying in Zayed university, still I didn’t decide any allocated I want to choose. I have a lot of wishes but I think the most important is graduate from Zayed University to make my parents and my community proud of me.

Wedding With Sharks

Michael Curry and April pignataro got married in a fish tank at the Atlantis marine park aquarium in NewYork on June 7 2010 using radio headsets , Michael and April exchange vows with friends and family on Sunday. April joked by saying it will begin as a traditional wedding, but will get a little weird. Her parents said she is a unique girl for example, she wanted to be a auto mechanic when she was young. The couple said they did not expected so much attention from the media curer. April said: the most difficult part was convince her mom .

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…Plastic Bottle…

A man named Richie sowaquit his jopas a carpenter and sold all of his things, so thou he could create his own is land paradise Richie built his island which floats on plastic bottles in Mexico. It took him almost three years to find enough botteis which he made by using fishing and put it on top to create a foundation . he grows plonts. Fruits and vegetables on the island such as bananas coconuts , spinach , almonds , tomatoes . he has a batwoom , a soar cooker , and even a washing machine . he live on the island with his tow cats , a little puppy chickens and a duck . the Mexico government likes his idea so much that they made his is loud a part of Mexico his goal is to one day sail his island around the world.
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All students in the university suffers from stress. This is also the case of university students in the UAE. The main reason of the student pressure is grades. In addition, doing assignments, projects, homework and exams may case high pressure which can make them stressed and worried. The student in the UAE feel worried about their English language because that before entering the university they should determine this levels and they are not Sure about the results. It is difficult for the new student to get used to university because everything is different, like friends, teachers, subjects and exams. The overcome the academic stress problem we should use different methods to learn-for example, work together in class, ask for help, talk with friends and family in English.


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She started love the motorbike from her father when she was a kid. After that when she became teenager she rode a motorbike with her boyfriend, and she be exited to learn backing. She like riding a bike because she feel free, and she don’t use the motorbike in town center and she not interesting going fast because it’s dangerous and there is to many cars. And the really she interesting in when smell trees, flowers and the rain.


- Luis is twenty nine , his not only a student but also a worker in the same time , he is an archaeologist . Moreover , he will not stop studying when he finish doctorate and it’s a way of life for him.
- Pierre did not like school much , and he left the school when he was eighteen , but after twenty years later he got into the school of art and design in Limoges because he loved art .
- Margaret is a student at the university of the U3A they call it U3A because this university is for people over fifty they do meetings and talks in the members’ homes , and she joined it because she was not happy after she retired cause she had a lot of free time , and she choose things she haven’t studied before such as history , Spanish , music and computers.


It’s about Lauren, Lauren need to work in a big company and she have a CV to the interview , and she have done lots of different things ,Sales ,administration and worked in a restaurant , she have an experience in it all ,So she looking for work in any of those areas. The man asked Lauren about the qualifications and other question and Lauren have the right and qualified answers for each question.



In this vidoe you will see many babies are swimming.

i think that it's important to teach the babies how to swim

because when they grow up they will need that skill

Maybe in dangerous situations..


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USAin my eyes

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