My name is Fayza Salem . I am 19 years old. I am married Ihave children I live in

. Abu Dhabi in Bane yas district. This is the first years for me in ZU. I studied one

years in UAEU in Al Ain because my family there. Then, I came here because my

husband here. My favorite hobbies are reading story and shopping. My favorite

color is green and my favorite food is pizza. I will study in Education College. In

the future, I will become math teacher in the school.


My Unhealthy Habits

I believe that I do not have a healthy lifestyle . First , I do not eat anddrink healthy food . For example, I usually eat fast food at lunchbecause I have University . I do not eat a lot of fruits and vegetable .Also , I eat a lot of meat , and I drink cold milk . In addition , I do noteat a lot of starchy food ,and I eat a lot of chocolate , which is not goodfor body because it has a lot of sugar . Also , it is a cause for obesity .Second , I do lack of exercise . For example , I do not walk every day ,but I walk three days in the week , which is in around my home . Also ,I do not do any sport at home , which is bad for health because it ismain cause for disease . Third , I do not sleep a lot . I sleep 6 or 7hours every night . Furthermore , sometime I sleep 4 hours in the night ,which is unhealthy for body . Finally , I eat unhealthy food , a lack exercise ,and I do not sleep enough .


A Growing Problem Summary

The biggest health problem in the world is obesity . The main cause of obesity is unhealthyfood .The first cause is poor eating habits .In the last fifty years , last loot has spread . Thishas a lot of sugar and additives , not like the food our grandparents ate .The second causeis a lack of exercise . In the past , people did a lot of physical work and walk because theydid not have cars , but now people are rich , and cars . Then they do not walk . As a result ,obesity will spread . In the UAE , diabetes is a big problem , which causes obesity .Governments worry about this problem . The people should eat a healthy food and doexercise .


UAE Students Coping With Stress At University Summary

In the UAE , the university student have a lot of stress because

they have many homework , project , and exams . Also, the students

want the high grade , then they stress and some student is married ,

then they have many responsibilities . In addition , many student worry

about English Language Level , then they examination TOEFL or IELTS

to pass level . Also , the students have friends or groups in the school .

When they came to University , they put in different class . In addition ,

some student never had a foreign teacher before . Author cause is all

student use different methods in University . Also , some student do

many things to relieve stress in general like reading and watching TV .

When the students finish studies successfully , they will not forget this

enjoy years at University .


My Sister

I have 5 sisters and 4 brothers . I will talk about one sister . She is 31 years old ,She is single .

Also , she is an Arabic teacher . I live with her in the same room . She helps me for everything

I need and want . In addition , she tells me all things I do not now . Furthermore , I tell my sister

all my secrets . Also , I know many things about her my mother does not now . Moreover , when

I got married I miss her . She does not talk with me on phone because she does not talk with

people who go to another place . Finally , in the life , people should have a person to talk with it .


Describe The Beginning Of Life

All people know who the life beginning , but not all have a like idea . In this easy I will talk about my

opinion for when began .

In the past , they founded earth , but the Ghosts live in it . Also , angels and devils live in the Paradise .

Then , Allah created Adam and Eve . In addition , Allah told all angels and devils to prostrate for Adam .

The angels prostrated for Adam , but the devils did not prostrate . Then , Allah threw out devils from

Paradise to Earth , while Adam , Eve , and angels lived in Paradise . Then , Allah said : “ Adam and Eve

see this tree did not eat them “ , but the devil whispered to Adam and Eve to eat the fruit of this tree .

Then, Adam and Eve ate this fruit . After that , Allah threw out Adam and Eve from paradise to Earth .

Then , life began new .

Finally , this is my idea about who the life began . Also , people have different ideas about this because

religion effects people’s beliefs .


summary :

I see a nice video in the YouTube . It is talk about loyal animal .The story about one lion live with

woman in the village , when it is small .When it grow up the people in the village fear . Then they

tell government to catch it . After that , the government took it to the zoo . After some day , the

woman go to see lion . When , the lion see woman . It hug and kiss. The lion does not forget the

woman . Finally , I learn for this viduo animal is loyal , and they love people who love it .

listening :

1.7 :

She loves biking because her father had a motorbike . Also , she like to ride in the countryside .

In addition , she wrote a book for children last years . Also , she is not important about speed

because she feel free when she drive fast . Moreover , she can go wherever she want . Furthermore ,

she can not use her bike for getting to work because she lives in the town center . It is too dangerous .

.11 :

- Margaret student at the University . She studies U3A . It is for people who over fifty years . They meeting
and talks about homes . Also, they do not have exam or degree . She join in this because she has free time
and she does not have any things to do .

- Luis is student and work . He study a doctorate for archaeologist . Also , he does not stop study when he

finish doctorate .

Pierre does not like study in the school . Moreover , he left school when he was 18 . He love Art and Design .
Then , he get into the school of Art and Design after 20 years later .

.15 :

Lauren has interviewer for get work . She has administration and she worked in restaurant last summer . Also ,

she work in cafe concerto . In addition , she has experience working with Word and Excel in computer , and

she speaks a little French , and Spanish . Moreover , she loves work in the team .

.16 :

Yusuf want work in the CSP but manager has a meeting . Then he talks massage and talk all information Clare want .

Then she will give this information for manager .

1.26 :

They want cook barbecues but some people do not like meat because they will fat . Then they thing can cook pasta .

.28 :

-Matt usually eat together in the evening . Also , they dinner with us on Friday , and they some pizza or Chinese food in

front of T.V .

-Carlos does not eat together in the breakfast because they do not wake up in a same time . Also , when he talk with family

talk about football or work .


-Dan works in the Royal Bank .Also , he travel to the Calgary because he has a meet in Calgary .


The man is walking to work . Then the sky raining . After that , he saw a taxi but taxi want 10 dollars

bill . Then the man shut the door .

1.36 :

-Osman travel to USA , and he got a plane from Germany for study business . Also , there is one student

sit next him . He is a nice guy and interest . After some years , Osman see this man a news programmer

and he is a top manager .

Annie go to Montpellier . When , she sits in the restaurant . There is a man came and does not have a table

for sit because there is a table for 4 people . Then , he talk with Annie for sit with her . After that , he sit and

Annie say " He is a nice person " .


-Astrid learn French . She know a few words because she like read children’s book .

Tom learn German . He change language on computer . Also , he plays game in German language . Then

he learn German .

-Masha learn a foreign language . Also , she is watching DVDs for learn this language . Also , she travel to

Germany and learn German .


Tony go to Vancouver . He has some old friends here who at university . He live in Montreal and got a small

business .


-When you visit someone’s house for dinner in Canada .You should ask him . Also , you must give with you

gift .

When you go to Japanese hot spring . Woman go to the women’s area . First , she go to the washing room ,

and wash off all the soap . Then she sit in the water hot .


-In the summer months , India is very hot . People can not go out because the sun is hot . Also , when they go

out they wear a long clothes , and drink cold mango panna.

-Vasily lives in Moscow . In January and February , the weather is very cold . People wear heavy clothes and

boots . Also , some people travel to anther countries and some sit in the home .

My Weekend

On Thursday , when I finished my class I came back to the home . Then I took

a shower and prayed . Next , I went to Al Ain to see my family . When I reached

to family home I saw all family there . Also , they had a party for my nephew .

Next day , I woke up at 9:30 o’clock . I ate breakfast with my family . After that ,

I went to the new home for my family to clean . Then at 7:00 o’clock I went

shopping with my sister . I came back to the home at 11:00 o’clock .Next day ,

I slept in the home and did all homework .Also , I visited my brother . Finally , I

came back to Abu Dhabi at 1:00 o’clock .


High School

I had nice memories for high school like any people . First , I had many friends . For example , my friends names

were Samaha and Fatima . Also , they helped me in exams , and they advised me . Second , I had a good teacher .

For instance , my teachers’ name is Hana , who is an Arabic teacher . She was a nice teacher . Also, I loved it

because she helped all students . In addition , she understood what the students need . Moreover , she gave me

advice . Third , I had a good class . For example , the students were collaborators in the class . Also , they helped

all student who did not understand . Finally , the high school was a nice year .