My name is Nouf.I'm 18 years old .My family like any other family there are father, mother , 2 sisters 4 brothers and me .we live in AlShamka town .My hobbies writing Discussion , shopping, discovering new, riding horses and meet new friends .I am a student in ZU , I am a beginner in level 4 .I came to ZU for develop my English and learn new things different from what I learned in high school.I hope to be good student and service my country ,when i work or raise my children, .because my country give me a lot of nice things in my life.



MY Partner Alyazi

her name is Alyazi ,she is 17 years old and, she live in AlShamka. Alyazi has1 brother and 4 sister all of them was married. She like chatting his friends and watch T.V in free time. She meeting her friends in break and eating with them .Alyazia will study English in ZU , to develop her English .She like to work in laboratories job , because she things it is Interesting. The best things in Abu Dhabi she like it is the sea. Alyazi think learning
English it's important in job and future.
Wedding with shark

Muchael Curry and April Pignataro got married in a fish tank at the Atlantis Marin Park Aquarium in New York on jun7.2010 .Using radio headsets ,Muchael and April exchanged vows with friends and family on Sunday.April joked by saying that it will begin as a traditional wedding ,but will get a little weird ,she wanted to be an auto mechanic when she was younger .The couple said they did not expect so much attention from the media .April said the most difficult part was convincing her mom.


My Healthy Habits
I believe that I do not have a Healthy life style ,First, I do not eat and drink healthy food. For example ,I usually buy my food from Carrefour. I choose both healthy food such as fruits , vegetables , legumes , eggs and milk , and I choose unhealthy food such as starchy , sweets ,and cold meats. At home I can not eat home food every day because I buy junk food . Which are bad because it causes many bad effects in the body like disease , cancers ,and a lack of power in the body. Third , I try to sleep at least 6 to 8 hours every night in school day , but in weekend night I sleep at least 10 to 12 hours because I stay up late at night. Finally , I try to do diet and organize my food and sleep time to be balanced and protect my body from disease.


The Obesity
"Over one billion people in the world are overweight" ,because they live in an unhealthy society ,so they could experience certain disease, and the mean disease is obesity. Obesity disease have 2 causes :the first cause is , poor eating habits. That means the past people eat natural food and they eat fresh food in the home ,but now they eat a lot of artificial food and fast food in the restaurant. The second cause is a lack of exercise. That means people in the past do many activity , but now they like to sit for long time. Obesity is a big problem facing the world because "the obesity rate is going up in most country "and it way for a lot of disease like diabetes ,heart disease and stroke .In my opinion ,we can lose the obesity effects when people change the bad life habits.


Richie Sowa
A mane named Richie Sowa quit his job as a carpenter and sold of his things, so that he could create his own island paradise. Richie built his island ,which floats on plastic-bottles ,in Mexico .It took him almost three year to find enough bottles, which he made by using fishing nets. Then he got a lot of sand from a near by beach and put it on top to create a foundation .He grows plants, fruits and vegetables on the island, such as bananas, coconuts, spinach, almonds and tomatoes. He has a bathroom, a solar cooker, and even a witching machine. He lives in the island with his tow cats ,the little cube, chicken and a duck .The Mexico like his idea so much that they made his island a parts of Mexico he goes is to one day sale his island around the word.

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All students in the university suffers from stress. This is also the case of university students in the UAE. The main reason of the student pressure is grades. In addition, doing assignments, projects, homework and exams may case high pressure which can make them stressed and worried.The student in the UAE feel worried about their English language because that before entering the university they should determine this levels and they are not Sure about the results. It is difficult for the new student to get used to university because everything is different, like friends, teachers, subjects and exams. The overcome the academic stress problem we should use different methods to learn-for example, work together in class, ask for help, talk with friends and family in English.


The Healthy Habits of UAE University Teacher
There are some things a UAE university teacher can do to have a healthy life. First, a teacher should eat and drink healthy foods. For example, teachers can find some very nice fruits, vegetables, meats and fish at local supermarkets such as Carrefour. Teachers can cook these foods at home using non-saturated fats, which is healthier and does not cause disease like cancer, diabetes and heart disease. Furthermore, fresh food has more nutrients, good proteins, and less carbohydrates then fast food, which can cause obesity. Second, teachers should do exercise when they can. For instance, at least 2-3 times a week, they can walk, run or swim at the ` corniche `, go to a gym, or ride a bike. Third, to have a healthy life, teachers should try not to have too much stress, which is bad for the immune system, hair, skin, sleep and concentration. Teachers can do things like reading watching television listening to music and meditation, which is good for breathing and makes you feel better. For instance, l like to go out with my friends on the weekends, and we go to fun places. This helps take away pressure, and it helps me to get a better attitude. Finally, eating fresh food, exercising and avoiding stress can help UAE teachers to have a healthy life.




USA IN MY EYES on PhotoPeach


This video talk about little girl, maybe she is between 6 or 7years old. This girl really is cute, innocent and helpful. She try helping her mother, the girl began to imitate her mother when she wash dishes. The mother heard her daughter voice, then she went to saw her, she be happy when saw her daughter wash dishes but then she was surprised because she saw her daughter wash the laptop. I think the mother would not let her daughter work in the home again.
Children are beautiful things in the home, they always trying to imitate adult because that we should avoid doing the wrong behavior in front of them.


beginning of life

I believe that the beginning of life was because big bang. Then the galaxies, planets and stars has been created. Our god created the Earth in six days. Then life started her, so I believe that is no life in other planets because there is no gravitation, atmosphere and water. Scientist could not know the age of earth because there are a lot of effects has been disappearance .All what we know a few things about life in the earth such as: dinosaurs , disintegration of continents and extinction same types of animals .Human started when god creation Adam and his wife Eve. The human body was so difference from now. They was taller and bigger than now because the environmental factors.





She started love the motorbike from her father when she was a kid. After that when she became teenager she rode a motorbike with her boyfriend, and she be exited to learn backing. She like riding a bike because she feel free, and she don’t use the motorbike in town center and she not interesting going fast because it’s dangerous and there is to many cars. And the really she interesting in when smell trees, flowers and the rain.



- Luis is twenty nine , his not only a student but also a worker in the same time , he is an archaeologist . Moreover , he will not stop studying when he finish doctorate and it’s a way of life for him.
- Pierre did not like school much , and he left the school when he was eighteen , but after twenty years later he got into the school of art and design in Limoges because he loved art .



It’s about Lauren, Lauren need to work in a big company and she have a CV to the interview , and she have done lots of different things ,Sales ,administration and worked in a restaurant , she have an experience in it all ,So she looking for work in any of those areas. The man asked Lauren about the qualifications and other question and Lauren have the right and qualified answers for each question.




Yusuf call CSP to talk with Lisa Moore about Lauran Gordon but she was not available so he put a message with Clare that he want to talk with Lisa about Lauran Gordon and what she liked about Lauran as an employee .




It’s Bryan birthday and Lynn want take her to some place , she chose the bridge because she like sit outside and eat vegetarian food




Manuel and Eren want organize a barbecue ,and there are a problem because not all people like meat.



Matt and Carlos talked about their family and the habits in food time, and how their set together and talked about some things happened in the day.




Tony is Taxi driver. Nicola ask Tony to take him to Park Inn, and he say that’s isn’t first time in Canada, he come to Canada before fifteen years ago with his parents but he don’t remember much. When he arrived to the Park Inn he give to Tony thirty –five dollars. The second one was a Dany want go to the bank for same papers, and thin he went to airport, domestic terminal, because he have same meeting in Calgary.



Osman, he was travelling to the USA on business. Where He was sitting
There was a big guy with sunglasses, he had a lot of tattoos, He looked kind of scary. Osman introduced himself. Then they had a
little chat, he was a nice guy. Then, recently Osman was in Germany,
and he saw the same guy in TV, he is the manager of the clothes company.
Annie, she went to Montpellier two years ago. She was looking for a
restaurant to eat on her own. She like the weather because that she sat outside. Then there is a man arrived and there was no table for
him, and he ask her if he can join to her. Then they have a
chat. The man was very kind but they become just pen friends, because she have a boyfriend



Astrid, Tom and Masha learned a different languages .and they explained how they learned it with different way.




Valerie ask Tony to take him to the Holiday Inn which is on Broadway ,Tony ask Valerie why he come to this place ,and Tony said “I come to this place every 3or 4 months to visit my friends and I got a small business (a couple of restaurants).




Megan, when you go to someone house for dinner in Canada, you should bring something with you such as, flowers or gift. You should take your shoes off when you get to the house.
Yukio, when you go to the Japan hot spring, there are a few rules you should do it. First you should wash yourself with soap then wash off all to be really clean. the water’s quite hot so you shouldn’t stay in it too long. The spring it’s place to relaxing so it should be quiet .



Jeevan, talk about the summer months in India. Why it’s quite dangerous and about habit’s in Indian people at summer months. And the mango pinna are popular drinks because it’s help to cool the body.

Vasily, talk about winters in Moscow, it’s very cold and it’s get a quit a lot of snow. People should wear heavy clothes and most people spend half the winter at home. Vasily like to get out of the city and go skiing.


My weekend was full of many things. First, I returned to my home, and I was very tiered. I just pray then slept. I put my o’clock at 5 pm, but I cannot woke up. At 6 pm my brother said for me wake up, there is a Kentucky in dining room. After that, my little sister come to me and said “we will go to shopping”. After half hour, I went down to ate, and then we went to Almoshrif mall. We bought a lot thing, ate dinner and played games. At the end, we went back to home and I took shower, then I watched a film after that I slept.



My high school life
My high school life had many special things. First , I had many good friends. For example, my friends in class are very kind and lovely. When I came to the class the first time I didn’t love it , but with the days I loved my class, and I adapted to the girls and teachers. Second, I had many special teachers, such as , Miss Fatima and Miss Salwa. They always gave us nice advice, and they encourage us to get a high school degrees. I liked that day when we had a trip. We went to Ibn Battuta Mall. We had fun. Also, we played bowling, bought clothes and gifts, ate lunch and learned new things about each other. I really liked that day. Finally, I graduated from high school with 90% degrees. My family and friends were very happy for me. They congratulated me , and they had made party for me. I am really happy about what it happened in my school life.