About Me ..My name is Noura Al-Kaabi, I’m 18-year-old I live with my family , I have five sisters and three brothers . My beast sisters is Amna it’s always st with me and she always when I have a problem help me .I’m student in Zayed university I choose ZU because I like it . I have many dreams like every other girl and would love it if they come true . My dream is to become businesswomen I hope that I have a gallery Jewelry but before all that I would like to get better on my speaking skills and righting skills for English . I want my family to be proud of me .My favorite hoppy is swimming and capturing photos I like using face book to upload photos . Face book means a lot of me , I really enjoy uploading my photos there and getting positive critique that would lead me to the right path in photography . Also I love music I like every artist but beast of all Michal Jackson .I’m glad that I had that task to write a about myself and express my feelings . I hope this year ZU I will be able to make my dreams come_1_~1.PNG .

My best friends ..

My best friends is Latifa . she is 18 years old . she have five brothers and three sisters . her favorite hoppy is swimming and reading . latifa is a cute girl . It’s always help me in my life . when I have problems latifa is the first person help me . latifa make me smile in all the time . now latifa became marred and she go to Qatar because her husband from Qatar . I missing he I wanna to see her . I miss her and I hope to see it at the earliest opportunity. I wish her happiness in her marriage.


~My Health Habits

I do not have a healthy life style . First, I do not eat and drink healthy food. For example, I always eat fast food and I eat a lot of chocolate and sweets. I don’t like healthy food because it does not taste good . For instance , I do not like vegetables like tomatoes , cucumber and lemon. Also I don’t like the grilled foods. Second, I do not do sports , but I wish I could do walking in the morning for an hour to because it is beneficial to my health and will wake me more able to do my daily activates . Third I want to sleep early because that is very good for my body . Also , sleep in the early makes me active , and I can do my activities . Finally , I hope to be a healthy person , and I will do all that would benefit me and push me forward and makes me enjoy my life .



~Stress for UAE students”

All university student have to balance many different things in their lives. Classes, exams , homework , friends , family responsibilities and social activities . All cause stress. All the student in UAE the Couse of the stress in the grades . The mothers have difficult day because they want to tack care about the children. “Students at many local universityAlso worry about their English language level”. Most are required to pass an examination like TOFEL or IELTS before they enter to the university program. The student new to university have change from high school to college they separated the friends in other class .We can use different methods to cape all this academic stress. The new student Must prepared, review for exams , The student tell their mother it thy have a problems , So they feel better , they Also want to enjoy their years at university . Learning to mage there stress is a key to achieving both of these things .


~Wedding w Sharks"

Michael Curry and April Pignataro got married in a fish tank at the Atlantis Marine Park Aquarium in New York on June 7.2010. Using radio headset, Michael and April exchange vows with friends and family on Sunday. April joked by saying that it will begin as traditional wedding, but will get a little weird. Her parents said she is a unique girl. For example, she wanted to be an auto mechanic when she was younger. The couple said they did not expect so much attention from the media. April said the most difficult part was convincing her mom.


~A Growing Problem"
The obesity is a biggest healthy problem. “Obesity means being overweight”. There are two main causes of obesity. The first cause is poor eating habits and unhealthy way to life. The second cause is a lack of exercise. The Asia countries have more overweight people. The obesity results are health problem such as diabetes, heart disease and stroke. People need to change their life style to have a healthy life.


The beginning of the universe~

The universe formed from a Big Bang as scientist say , it was created billion years ago .
First of all , the universe was once in an extremely hot and dense state then a strange
state has occurred namely rapid expansion caused the universe to cool and resulted
expansion caused the universe to cool and resulted galaxies , planets and stars . Second of all ,scientists
say that there is a life in other planets but I don’t believe that we can
.All what we know a few things about life in the earth such as: dinosaurs , disintegration of continents and
extinction same types of animals .Human started when god creation
Adam and his wife Eve. The human body was so difference from now.
They was taller and bigger than now because the environmental factors.


~Grammar Presentation"

~About My Self "

~USA in my ayes"

USA in my ayes on PhotoPeach

~The life style in the UAE between past and present"

How is the life style in the UAE? Was life in the past as its now ?What are the similarities and differences in the life style between past and present ?The life style 50 years ago is different now, but there are some things similarities . In this essay I will compare between life style in the UAE between past and present.First of all, the education between present and past are different in the education . In the past people only studied Holy Quran and some math in alktateb .Also they have only one teacher they could him Almotawea .More over in the past all the teacher men because women not allowed .Whereas, the education now a days is completely different in the past the student have a big school with many class and many activities room .Also, they study many subjects such as ,Arabic ,History ,Math and English .They have teacher for every subject and number for women who teach more than men. An addition, there are Universities and college after school to complete the education.Another point is transportation .In the past the people were using the animals such as, camels, horses and donkey to transfer from place to place and they were spending many times to travel. While, in the present they are using develop transportation such as, car ,train and plain .Therefore, They travel from country to another one country in 2 hours. For example, when any people travel from UAE to SK in 2 hours .Another major different is the job. In the past the people didn’t have many opportunity for the job . For example ,they only have two or three jobs they must for them chose one to work .While , in these days there are many jobs and people can chose any job they won’t with high salary .However ,there are some similarities in life style in the UAE between past and present .The major similarity is clothes .The people in the past and present wear similar clothes. For instance, women in the past wear abaya and burga also now a days they wear similar clothes. Another similarity ,the relationship between family and relative the Emiratis people are visiting others and every celebration union in one house.

Lestening ~

1.7 :-

‍she started to like the motorbike from her father when she was a kid, then when she became a teenager she went with her
boyfriend on his motor bike and she always sits in the back. Moreover, she wanted to learn
a new skills ,so she started having lesson then she passed the test but
she still need to get a lot more experience she said that she like riding a bike
because she feel free but she don’t use the motor bike in town center
because it’s dangerous there is to many cars.



‍Luis is twenty-nine , he’s a student but her work as archaeologist in rainforest at the central amazon ,he’s not good at computer so he signed up for IT course .



Lauren want to work in a big company, so she have interview and she
bring copy of her CV. She’s done a lot of interesting things, she worked
in restaurant last summer. She have a got experience in sales, she also
have a got a certificate in Food Safety for Catering. She have experience
working with word and Excel. She speak French and Spanish. She enjoy
work in group, and she is good in talking with people.

job_interview.gif interview.gif


Yusuf Kareem from job agency, Findajob. he called CSP because he want to ask questions about Lauren Gordon to Lisa Moore, she was her manager. Lisa Moore was in meeting so he left a massage with Clare he have in the massage his name, mobile number and his email address. Yusuf hope of Lisa can contact him again.


Today is her birthday and her friend want to take her to the restaurant, so there were three choses the first one was Bopha Devi but she went to recently, second one is Abla’s but it’s too far. They chose the third one and it was The Bridge, her friend call to book a table in seven thirty.


The story about the man how drive taxi and there are a lot of people that he meet him in his taxi, then they chat for a few minutes. The first of was a woman and she was a new in Canada. She came before with her parents, but she can’t remember much. The second one was a man he want go to the bank for same papers, and thin he went to airport, domestic terminal, because he have same meeting in Calgary.



Osman, he was travelling to the USA on business. He was sitting into Business Class. There was a really big guy with sunglasses, he was wearing a black biker jacket. He looked kind of scary. He set down next to Osman, and he introduced himself. Then they had a little chat, he was a nice guy. Then, recently Osman was in Germany, and he turned on the television. He saw the same guy, he is the manager of the clothes company.Annie, she went to Montpellier two years ago. She was looking for a restaurant to eat on her own. She set outside, because it was a nice weather. Then there is a man arrived and there was only one table for five available, and he ask her if he can join to her. Then they have a chat, he is from Switzerland and he was studying French, so she stared teach him a bit. They become just pen friends, because she have a boyfriend.


Astrid, when she was learning French, she knew a few words, so she stared reading children’s books to help herself.Tom, when he was learning German, he used to change the language of his computer games. He was learning and playing on the same time.Masha, when she learn a foreign language, she like watching DVD’s with subtitles to help herself, and she used the dictionaryto see what the means of same words.



Valerie, came to Vancouver to meet some friends of her, there
were the university together. She is visit every three or four month,
she like live in Montreal, and she have a small business .

Megan, when you go to someone house for dinner in Canada,
you should bring something with you such as, flowers or gift.
You should take your shoes off when you get to the house.

Yukio, when you go to the Japan hot spring, you should go to
the women area of you are a woman and same thing with a man.
First you go to the washing room to be clean, then you can get
into the hot spring. The spring should be quiet.


2.13 :-
1.Jeevan says that India is so hot , so you have to drink a lot to cover
up when your outside . On summer afternoons in Kolkata , the streets
are empty , because it’s so hot to go outside . a lot of people use air
condition but it’s expensive .Cold drinks like mango panna are
popular . It really helps to cool your body .
2.On the Other hand , Vasily says that in Moscow in Russia the
winter last from about November to March , and there is a lot
of snow , so you have to wear big , heavy cloths . Moreover ,
you have to be careful on roads , because they can be icy in
those days . A lot of people prefer to escape the winter and go
to much hotter countries like Egypt and Turkey .


My Week End ..
I will write about my weekend. First, I wake up at 9:30 Am, and then I took a shower and brushed my teeth. Next, I pray . After that I went down to eat breakfast with my family. We talked about many things in the life . After that at 6:00 PM I went with my sister amna and her friends to the beach I had so fun there its really amazing place . I hope to go there a gene . On Saturday I wake up at 1: 30 Pm and then I took a shower and brushed my teeth. Next , I set with my family . after that I went to do my homework , when I finished my homework I went down to seat with my father . After that at 7:00 Pm I went to my friend house I had so fun with her . Then I Back to my house at 10 :00 Pm after that I ate my dinner with my family, When I finished to ate dinner i went to sleep because I have university .


My high school life..

My high school life had many special things. First , I had many good friends. For example, my friends in class are very kind and lovely. When I came to the class the first time I didn’t love it , but with the days I loved my class, and I adapted to the girls and teachers. Second, I had many special teachers, such as , Miss Seham and Miss Candy . They always gave us nice advice, and they encourage us to get a high school degrees. I liked that day when we had a trip. We went to Ibn Battuta Mall. We had fun. Also, we played bowling, bought clothes and gifts, ate lunch and learned new things about each other. I really liked that day. Finally, I graduated from high school with 90% degrees. My family and friends were very happy for me. They congratulated me , and they had made party for me. I am really happy about what it happened in my school life.


American Visitor

If a foreigner was coming to the UAE for the first time to visit me,
I would do three things with her in Abu Dhabi. First, I would take
her shopping. There are many nice shopping malls in Abu Dhabi.
For example, I would take her to the Marina mall, which is a big
mall with many nice stores. We could go shopping to buy some
shoes, bags and clothes at the many nice shop in Marina mall such
as Zara and Gucci. After we finish shopping, we might also get something
to eat or drink at one of the many nice cafes in the Marina mall like
Starbucks. Second, I would take my new friend to some cultural places.
For instance, I could drive her to Emirates palace, Sheikh Zayed Mosque
or the Heritage Center, which is just near the Marina mall and has some
interesting traditional Emirati items. I am sure that she would find this
interesting because many of these things are unique to Emirati culture.
In fact, anyone who visit Abu Dhabi should see some culture places.
Third, I would show her the cornice, which is a very nice place to walk,
ride a bike or go to the beach, or sit at one of the many cafes, where you
can eat or drink something’s. Moreover, if my friend likes water sports,
then we could go to the beach, where she can swim or do some fun water
sports like jet ski, kayaking and parasailing. Final, if a foreign friend came
to visit me, I would take her shopping, to the cornice, and I would drive her
to see some cultural places that are unique to Emirate culture.


About My Holiday ..

I had fantastic holiday in London . I went to London with my sister . First of all it was very relaxing , For example I and my sister stayed in nice hotels I which were very modern . We stayed one month in London’s because my sister has a training course there . She is works in Exile London . I had so much fun in London . Every day in the morning , My sister Amna and I went to Hyde park make some exercise like ran , and walk .Second , we returned hotels and took showered got dressed , and we went to shopping . In London I saw many shopping malls like Harrods and Slefrges . Also , I saw many shopping store in Oxford stred like , Zara , Chanel and Top shop . Third we went to many place there I went to London Eye It is really very nice . I went also to the out let It is away from London about three hours I went there by trains . I went also , to madam tussauds, It is a museum , It is really amazing . Finally I had so much fun there . A trip to London is very enjoyable . I hope to go again.


Video About My Day ~